Selected broadcast appearances


WATCH: Sky News | 5/6/11
Is Hugh Hefner's Playboy Brand Outdated?

WATCH: Sky News | 4/6/11
Feminist Protest As Playboy Bunnies Return

WATCH: HARDtalk, BBC News Channel | 1/11/10
'Is it still a man's world? Decades after the feminist and women's liberation movement one young British activist believes equality is still just an illusion in the West, and in other parts of the world it is just a distant dream. Kat Banyard has been described as Britain's most influential, young feminist. How far is women's inequality tied up with sexual politics?'

LISTEN: Today Programme, Radio 4 | 31/7/10
"After a period of relative quiet, feminism is back. The movement in the UK is enjoying something of a renaissance, particularly among twentysomethings. Founder of Feminista Kat Banyard and the Observer's former political editor Gaby Hinsliff, discuss if is a resurgence in British feminism."

LISTEN: Radio 4 Woman's Hour | 3/3/10
Kat joins Jenni Murray to talk about her new book, The Equality Illusion.

LISTEN: Woman's Hour | 21/10/09
As the Fawcett Society's Campaigns Officer, Kat joined Jenni Murray on Radio 4's Woman's Hour to talk about the sex industry's infiltration of the modern workplace.

WATCH: Treasury Select Committee evidence session | 14/10/09
As Campaigns Officer at Fawcett, Kat gave evidence at the Treasury Select Committee’s evidence session for their inquiry, ‘Women in the City’ on Wednesday 14th October. Other witnesses included Nichola Pease, Deputy Chairperson at J O Hambro Capital Management, Sharron Gunn, Director of Member Services at the Institute for Chartered Accountants in England and Cathy Turner, Group HR Director at Barclays.


Selected articles featuring The Equality Illusion

35 Women Under 35: The Glamour Power List 2011 | March 2011

What happened next? Feminism | The Guardian, 27/12/10

Letter: Porn isn't the solution | The Guardian, 28/9/10

Fighting the wrong battle | The Guardian, 24/9/10

Women for sale: has paying for sex become more acceptable than ever? | The Guardian, 11/9/10

Why Kat Banyard is the UK's most influential young feminist | The Guardian, 10/9/10

We are nowhere near tackling the 'pornification' of our society, writers say as they demand a change in the law | The Times, 18/8/10

Pornification: Kat Banyard and Natasha Walters call for change in UK law to cut out mass pornography | Sky News online, 18/8/10

Doing it for ourselves | The Scotsman, 16/8/10

Women's Mass Awakening | The Guardian, 4/8/10

'Feminism is not finished' | The Guardian, 24/7/10

Women still the supporting act in UK music scene | The Observer, 18/7/10

New feminism has started the fightback at last | Evening Standard, 7/6/10

The fashion emperor's new clothes | Morning Star, 28/5/10

Twists, turns, dead-ends | The Hindu, 1/5/10

Mum's the word when it comes to who'll win | The Herald, 29/4/10

Undecided and unimpressed by a macho campaign: women who intend to make their votes count | The Observer, 25/4/10

Fash mob: we need to talk about Elle | The Irish Times, 23/4/10

Women in a very male general election | The Guardian, 21/4/10

Feature: Author Kat Banyard | The Morning Star, 13/4/10

The Equality Illusion: book review by Ian Sinclair | The Morning Star, 6/4/10

The Equality Illusion: book review by Lesley McDowell | The Herald, 15/3/10

Lee Randall: Solo fliers still like to recruit co-pilots | The Scotsman, 10/3/10

Feminism is showing signs of life | By Cassandra Jardine, The Telegraph, 9/3/10 

Still fighting for fairness | By Kate Stanton, The Coventry Telegraph, 8/3/10

Carolyn Hitt: No raunch please, we're 21st Century feminists | Western Mail, 8/3/10

DJ Taylor: Feminism works so well for women we should try it on men | The Independent, 7/3/10

How the 'new feminism' went wrong | By Charlotte Raven, The Guardian, 6/3/10

Review: The Equality Illusion | By Melissa Benn, The Independent, 5/3/10The Equality Illusion: book review by Jess Edwards | Socialist Review, 3/10

Necessary 'nagging' in the fight for true equality | By Anthea McTeirnan, The Irish Times, 27/2/10

Forty Years of Women's Liberation | By Kira Cochrane, The Guardian, 26/2/10

Natasha Walter: 'I believed sexism in our culture would wither away. I was entirely wrong' | By Kira Cochrane, The Guardian, 25/1/10

Feminism: what went wrong? | By Cassandra Jardine, The Telegraph, 12/1/10

The feminist year ahead | By Viv Groskop, The Guardian, 8/1/10

The march of the new feminists | By Susie Mesure, The Independent, 29/11/09

What feminism means to me | By Lucy Mangan, The Guardian, 19/9/09

Time for a good scrap about what our feminist really is | By Libby Brooks, The Guardian, 23/7/09

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