The Truth About Women and Men Today

Published by Faber and Faber


"Written and researched with passion; proving the personal is political, The Equality Illusion is a welcome reminder of just how much the equality agenda has been twisted by corporate and political interests and but also proof that feminism is alive and kicking." Samira Ahmed, presenter & journalist, Channel 4 News

"Read it. Share it. Give it to your mum, your daughter, your son, your brother, your sister, your dad, David Cameron ... the chairman of Marks and Spencer. It's time to reclaim the fight." Anthea McTeirnan, Irish Times

"A terrific read and a very necessary book." Louise Doughty, novelist, playwright & critic

"This is a powerful and articulate manifesto. We need more of them." The Herald  

"Kat Banyard's challenging book hearteningly invites a new generation to get involved in new forms of debates and action around feminism" Michele Roberts, novelist and critic

"Banyard cogently argues that equality remains largely a myth. Banyard has a highly readable style ... Reading this, I am wholly convinced: the sooner we all take on this battle, the better.' Melissa Benn, Independent


In The Equality Illusion Kat Banyard sets out the major issues for twenty-first-century feminism, from the growing power of the sex industry to the widening pay gap to the myths and taboos which still surround rape and domestic violence.

At the heart of the book are more than a hundred interviews Banyard has conducted with a diverse range of women who have been affected by gender inequality. Their stories show how sexism is intimately woven into people's everyday lives - and how it hurts both women and men.

"Whoever says that prostitution is just ordinary work has never walked even a minute in my shoes, or any other girl I know. Prostitution is actually a trap that most women believe for far too long."  Rebecca, former 'high-end call girl', interviewed in The Equality Illusion

Banyard also draws on her own experience as well as academic research. The book ends with a chapter on activism, including tips for getting involved in grassroots action and a list of resources.


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